DIRT PRAGUE - Thomas Zipp & Guido Baudach

Tichy Ocean invites you to the first event in the spaces of our upcoming TO MUSEUM in Prague (opening in 2020). We are proud to anounce the legendary DIRT (bar and sound) by Thomas Zipp and Guido Baudach in the evening of the Art District Prague 7 event (“We are open”). 

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Miroslav Tichy

Miroslav Tichý

1926 Born in Kyjov, Czech Republic
1945-1948 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic
After studying at the Academy of Arts in Prague, Miroslav Tichý withdrew to a life in isolation in his hometown of Kyjov, Moravia, Czech Republic.

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Artists for Tichy

Andro Wekua

Born 1977 in Sukhumi, Georgia, lives in Berlin
Vicious slapstick, seductive pop, nostalgic futurism—the art of Andro Wekua, an artist of the generation entering the art scene after 2000, could be described in this way. What characterizes this generation, represented also by Thomas Zipp and Andy Hope 1930, is their surrealistically expressive approach to reality.

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