Stefan Vogel
«Kommen, Abhängen!»

Tichy Ocean Foundation &
Wasserkirche Zurich
Limmatquai 31
CH-8001 Zurich


In cooperation with the Wasserkirche, the Tichy Ocean Foundation will also be showing a floor-to-ceiling installation by Stefan Vogel entitled «KOMMEN, ABHÄNGEN!» starting June 10. Vogel builds a structure of clothes racks in the Wasserkirche on the Limmat River, subtly referencing the church‘s architecture and alluding to everyday interpersonal conflicts with clothes and drawings soaked in plaster. In his installation, he develops a poetics of purification that attempts to combine laundry and penance, cleansing and atonement. Ultimately, this work seems to assert, that we must seek absolution from the other, for the light and symbolism of an abstract, higher principle remain mere consolations for us.

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Stefan Vogel
«Wo der gelbe Fleck ist und
das Scheitelhaar liegt, da tut es weh»


The Tichy Ocean Foundation is very pleased to present the fourth part of the site-specific installations by Leipzig-based artist Stefan Vogel. After Vogel built four parts of an imaginary house in four different cities, he is now building the culmination of the house in Zurich: A roof for pain.

The fourth exhibition at Tichy Ocean in Zurich finally seals the cycle with the roof. The roof, as the highest point of the imaginary house, is dedicated to the reflection and abstraction of the conflicts that have been played out so far. As an affair of the head, it critically negotiates the establishment of a home, life in romantic relationships of two, and their problematic boundaries and permeabilities. It questions these constellations anew but also conclusively. Human conflicts are transformed here into a map and an abstraction, which, solely due to the difference in height – the bird‘s eye view gained on the roof. The flat roof installed in the exhibition space seals the issues raised and at the same time also creates space for something new to grow. Every flat roof is also a fallow land and every fallow land is the ground for something new. To the question of what new can emerge in the attempt to close off the field of conflict of relationships, Stefan Vogel answers promisingly: “I suppose a landscape.“

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Celebrate with us! Tichy Ocean Foundation invites you to a party.
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Miroslav Tichý
«After any given time –
Harald Szeemann & Miroslav Tichý
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Armand Schulthess
«Ein Neues Buch
über den Enzyklopädisten
im Kastanienwald von Auressio»

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