Stefan Vogel
«Kommen, Abhängen!»

Tichy Ocean Foundation &
Wasserkirche Zürich
Limmatquai 31
CH-8001 Zurich


Sa. 11.06.

In cooperation with the Wasserkirche, the Tichy Ocean Foundation will also be showing a floor-to-ceiling installation by Stefan Vogel entitled «KOMMEN, ABHÄNGEN» starting June 10. Vogel builds a structure of clothes racks in the Wasserkirche on the Limmat River, subtly referencing the church‘s architecture and alluding to everyday interpersonal conflicts with clothes and drawings soaked in plaster. In his installation, he develops a poetics of purification that attempts to combine laundry and penance, cleansing and atonement. Ultimately, this work seems to assert, that we must seek absolution from the other, for the light and symbolism of an abstract, higher principle remain mere consolations for us.

SAT. 11.06. | 2–4pm
Walkthrough the exhibition with Stefan Vogel (Artist)

SAT. 11.06. & SUN. 12.06. | 4pm
Art Walk in the context of Zurich Art Weekend with Sofia Gkinko (ZAW Guide)