Sevilla – Spain 30.4 – 25.6.2019

We are happy to announce the exhibition Miroslav Tichý Encuentros at the Centre of Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville CICUS.
The Biennale BIACS1 in Seville 2004 marked the beginning of Miroslav Tichý’s fame when curator Harald Szeemann introduced Tichý’s work to the international world of art. This first international exhibition of Miroslav Tichý would be the last show for Harald Szeemann who disceased short after. In memory of both great men the University of Seville presents an exhibition of Miroslav Tichý that includes historic material from the BIACS1 and a selection of works of international artists from the Tichy Ocean collection “Artists for Tichy – Tichy for Artists”:
Nubuyoshi Araki, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Goshka Macuga, Jonathan Meese, Daido Moriyama, Richard Prince, Andrei Roiter, Erik Van Lieshout and Lawrence Weiner.